Family History

Convenor: Frances Healey, 0161 790 7287 – email:

Group Leader: Sylvia Young, 0161 790 9594 – email:

Venue and Time/Date: This group will meet at Eccles Library, the second Wednesday of each month from 10.15 – 12.15.

This group is suitable for all levels from beginners to the more experienced.  The aim of the group is to help each other to research into their ancestry, build their family tree and pass on their experiences and stories.

Meetings will provide an opportunity to discuss how to overcome problems, red herrings and brick walls we all come across.  Please note this is not a taught course, we will learn from the shared experiences and expertise of our members. Our meetings aim to have a specific subject during the first half, followed by an informal session helping members with their own family trees and interests.

If you are interested in joining this group please contact Frances Healey (group convenor)– 0161 790 7287, or Sylvia Young (group leader) – 0161 790 9594

Information sheets on getting started and by Stephen Dyer, U3A Genealogy Advisor, can be found by clicking the link below:


Links for accessing and using Census Returns, as well as Births, Marriages and Deaths (BMDs) information can be found below:

Census Returns


Family History Programme 2019
Date Topic Speaker
08 January Storing your family tree David
13 February The Preston Guild Rolls Debra
13 March Surnames and how they change Sylvia
10 April Dating old photographs Stephen Gill (visiting speaker)
08 May Looking at censuses
12 June To be arranged
10 July By the Way David
14 August Dead men tell no tales Debra
11 September Evacuees Frances
09 October Unusual occupations Sylvia
13 November Wills and probate
11 December To be arranged