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The UK Government has now removed pandemic-related restrictions meaning that it is legally permissible for groups to reconvene.

Outdoor groups have where possible been meeting for several weeks now, though in many cases are not yet in a position to pull together their 2021 programmes. Indoor groups are not currently able (as at 19 July) to meet face-to-face as their traditional venues have not yet been made available to the public and we await further news on this.

We recognise that attitudes to reconvening will vary across our members with some eager to do so and others more hesitant. We enthusiastically welcome back all those who choose to attend whilst fully respecting those who prefer to bide their time. As a courtesy to others, those who do attend meetings and events are encouraged to follow all relevant public health advice prevailing at the time, eg wearing of face masks in enclosed indoor spaces. Further information can be found at:

It remains the case that any member who is feeling ill, displaying COVID-19 symptoms, has received a positive test result in the past 10 days or has been instructed to isolate must NOT participate in u3a meetings, trips and events. Any member who subsequently tests positive (within 7 days of attending) is asked to advise their group convenor(s) or meeting organisers so that all other attendees may be informed.

Interest Groups

The Local Walks, Short Walks and Long Walks groups have now resumed activities and established their 2021 programmes.

A new group has been formed – Walking with Dogs. Beverley Robinson will lead this group whose first meeting will be at 4pm on Tuesday 3 August at Heaton Park. Members who are interested should contact Beverley for more information.

The Art Appreciation, Exploring Greater Manchester, Gardening, Luncheon and Photography Groups have all now resumed face-to-face meetings. Book Club 1 have also met outdoors.

With the removal of legal restrictions, our groups will now be considering exactly when, where and how they can resume face-to-face meetings. If you have queries about this or wish to have input to these decisions, please contact your convenors who will be only too glad to hear from you.

Website updates

Look out for some major changes coming to the website in August!


2021 memberships are now available for renewal. Please see the membership page for more information.

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