The Committee

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Being a committee member can be highly rewarding. If you would like to be part of a team and make a contribution to both the smooth operation of Salford u3a and also to its progression, we would be delighted to hear from you. In the first instance, please see the current list of vacancies below. Then contact either the Chair or The Secretary for more information and to discuss whether you are looking to bring a particular skillset with you or are perhaps wishing to develop your skills in certain areas.

If you then wish to proceed further, download the Nomination Form. After completing the form, please forward it to The Secretary.

Please be aware that you must:

  • Be a fully paid-up member of Salford u3a
  • Apply for a specific role (or roles)
  • Have your nomination form signed by a proposer and seconder, both of whom must be fully paid-up members of Salford u3a
  • Submit your nomination at least 14 days ahead of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) if you are seeking to be elected from the date of the AGM

It is often the case that committee members come to the end of their tenure at an AGM (usually held in February) but vacancies can also arise at other times of the year. If an appropriate vacancy does not currently exist, we would still like to hear from you so that we can consider you in the future. There may also be an option to be co-opted to the committee in order to shadow an existing member who is due to stand down at a later date.


Note that existing and vacant roles may be combined as the responsibility of a single individual if so agreed with the Chair.

Group Co-ordinator
Committee position? Yes

Role summary:
1. To act as the primary committee contact point for convenors of all interest groups
2. To support and advise convenors
3. To facilitate the setup of new interest groups

Full role description: here
Minutes Secretary
Committee position? Yes

Role summary:
1. To attend all meetings of the committee (typically 6 per annum), document all agreed decisions and actions in Microsoft Word and issue to the committee in a timely fashion
2. Upload the agreed documents to our document repository
Venues Co-ordinator
Committee position? No

Role summary:
1. To collate and maintain a comprehensive list of venues used by Salford u3a for Interest Group meetings and monthly socials
2. To manage venue bookings and liaise with Group Convenors and Treasurer regarding payment of invoices

Full role description: here

Existing Committee

To contact any member of Salford u3a’s committee, please use the email address listed below or see the Contact Us page.

and Accessibility Officer
Sue Ralph
Membership SecretaryKen Ballmembershipsecretary
TreasurerPat Newton
IT SecretaryAndy
Speaker SecretaryCarolyn

The following non-Committee members are also providing key support to the Committee:

Social SecretariesJanet and Ken Ball
Website supportDebra Charnley