About Salford u3a

Following a life at work, when most of the time was occupied and you were constantly kept busy, it can be something of a shock to find you have time on your hands. As you will no doubt be aware, many retired and semi-retired people over the age of fifty appear to have some difficulty finding things of interest to occupy them and consequently become restless and jaded. Being bored is something that need not happen. There are numerous things going on to occupy the minds and bodies of anyone willing to apply a little effort.

Currently we have over 300 members who enjoy over 35 different activity groups. For further information on these activities, including details of how to contact the relevant convenor, please see the Groups page.

We are always looking for people who have an interest in activities not already covered and who are willing to act as leaders (instructors) e.g. Italian, German, or indeed any topic of interest.

So you can see that we offer groups and activities that should be of interest to nearly everyone. There are no examinations or test of skills as there would be in an academic institution. The main purpose of the U3A is to help maintain an active and fulfilled life in the company of like minded people, who, you will find, soon become friends.

Except for outdoor activities, we meet at various venues but mostly in the Eccles, Walkden and Swinton areas.

Salford u3a is a charity. Registered charity number 700706.