Due to popularity, we have two theatre groups who organise visits throughout the year to a variety of productions, both matinee and evening performances, across venues in the Greater Manchester area. If you are interested in joining, take a look at the programmes below and contact the appropriate group’s convenor(s). Both groups hold regular planning meetings at which you may express an interest in attending specific productions from the programme or you may like to suggest additional productions for the group to see.

Discounts are often available to us when block booking tickets so you may be able to save money versus attending under your own steam.

Theatre 1

Convenor: Linda Weir
To contact Linda, please email marking the subject line of your email ‘FAO: Linda Weir’.

When and where: Planning meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month, 11-12 noon at Walkden Congregational Church. As the room is in use beforehand, please don’ t arrive before 11am. There is a small charge (£1.00 per person) for each session to cover the cost of room.

The convenor provides information on the various productions at theatres within the Greater Manchester area. Members choose whichever production they would like to see (they do not all have to attend the same production or performance) and the convenor makes the booking.

Theatre 2

Convenor: Stephen Sowden
To contact Stephen, please email marking the subject line of your email ‘FAO: Stephen Sowden’.

When and where: Planning meetings take place regularly at RHS Bridgewater. Contact the convenor for further information.

Theatre 1 programme 2023

Sat 21 JanThe Lowry, Salford QuaysPride and Prejudice

Theatre 2 programme 2023

Wed 18 Jan19:30Farnworth Little TheatreDangerous Corner
Mon 30 Jan10:00RHS BridgewaterPlanning meeting

Theatre programme 2022

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