ScienceConvenor: Geoff Anthony, 0161 790 0803 – email:

Venue and Time: Members of this group meet at 2pm on 4th Tuesday each month and from May at St Pauls Community Centre, Walkden.

This is a small friendly group, some with science experience, others with none.  Topics include: Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Biology. science experience, others with none. We discuss a wide range of scientific ideas.  Everyone is free to bring their own ideas and questions or just come and listen.   It is for anyone with an interest in science, technology and mathematics. Rather than prepare a yearly plan of subjects with assigned speakers we encourage members to bring scientific subjects to the table for discussion. These can be things they wish to learn more about, subjects in the news, or knowledge they wish to share. Members wishing to share will usually bring a written presentation lasting no more than 20 minutes.

Anyone interested in attending future meetings should contact: Geoff Anthony, Group Leader on 0161 790 0803

Subjects visited recently have included those below.

  • Historical achievements of science and technology
  • Detergents and the chemistry of washing up
  • Transistors, light emitting diodes and photoelectric cells
  • Silicate chemistry and minerals
  • Memory and the brain
  • Heat transfer mechanisms
  • Quantum physics
  • Fractals and the Mandlebrot equation
  • Probability theory and maths.
  • Black Holes and a star’s life cycle