PoetryConvenor: Bill Newham, 0161 794 8848 – email: billnew17@gmail.com

Venue and Time: Boothstown Community Centre, M28 1NB, usually second Friday of the month, from 10am-12pm.

Please see the Poetry Programme below.

Our aim is to enjoy the spoken words of poetry old and new which members bring along when we meet. Typically, we each introduce a small number of prepared poems, then read them and invite comment. We shall move from simply favourite poems to themes, poets and periods, dependent on interest.

You do not need to be a ‘buff’, a simple pleasure in the spoken word is enough. More ladies than blokes tend to sign up for poetry groups, so an interest by the latter would be particularly welcome, not least in the interests of balance.

Meetings are arranged on an ad hoc basis. Group size is best at no more than eight. If, therefore, numbers grow a further group could be established.

People tend to come along with their contribution and leave with a rich diversity of word and experience; the nature of communal sharing of language.

Please contact Bill  for further information.

2019 Poetry Programme