Exploring Greater Manchester


Convenor: Judith Gibson – email  mailto:judithoap@yahoo.co.uk; tel:0161 788 9173

Venue and Time: this new group will meet on the second Tuesday of the month and the first meeting will be on the 11th June 2019.   Normal meeting time will be 10.30am but this may vary depending on where the group will be visiting.  The group will explore Greater Manchester by bus/metro/local train using their concessionary passes although any members who have not yet received their pass are also welcome.

The programme for 2019 is shown below and further details re times etc. will be emailed to members a couple of weeks beforehand:

        11th June                        Bury
        9th July                           Hebden Bridge
        13th August                    Ashton
        10th September              Uppermill
        8th October                    Gorton Monastery
        12th November               Irlam Station & Heritage Centre
Please contact Judith for more details if interested.