Salford u3a Disability Policy

Purpose of this document

This document sets out the agreed disability policy of Salford u3a.


Salford u3a will do all it can to make sure all people are welcome and that activities are as accessible as possible.


The Accessibility Officer is happy to maintain contact with all members who have a disability and to see what can be reasonably done to make it easier for them to take part in our activities. If any person wishes to have a carer/companion with them, that is fine. Please let the group convenor know and the carer/companion, for the time they are in attendance, will be covered by the liability insurance provided by the Third Age Trust (professionally employed carers will be covered by an individual liability policy).

Venues for general meetings

Where possible we will try to ensure that venues satisfy the following criteria:

  • Adequate parking bays for disabled people. (Close to the main door)
  • Accessible and usable toilet facilities. (Often these are used for storage which makes it impossible for a wheelchair user to access).
  • Good lighting
  • Access to a sound system and loop
  • Enough space to enable wheelchair users / mobility scooter users etc to easily move around the room
  • Served by public transport
  • Access to heating and air conditioning controls
  • Ground floor accommodation where possible. If not, a plan must be in place for on-site help to be available in the event of the need to evacuate the building. A lift, if appropriate.
  • Level access to buildings
  • Ramps
  • Hand rails

In addition: think about the timing of meetings. Not too early, nor too late. Meetings should not be too long and a break may be needed. Maps and directions should be made available for new members if requested, and details of public transport supplied if required.


Please ask a committee member or a ‘meeter and greeter’ at general meetings to make sure any person who has a disability is seated in an appropriate place in the room. For example: people with a mobility issue might be more comfortable if seated at the end of a row and people who have hearing or vision loss at the front of the room.

Venues for the activity groups

If the venue is not suitable, think about another one.