Play Reading

DramaConvenor: Ann Teale, 0161 799 2791 – email:

Venue and Time: We meet at Winton Library at 2pm-3.30pm on alternate Fridays.

This is an enthusiastic group of people who gather together to read plays, some of them by great writers, others by less well-known authors.

The plays are normally selected by the leader of the group but suggestions from other members are welcome.

If you enjoy creating an atmosphere akin to that created on the radio why not join us? You will receive a very warm welcome. Please note that this group is currently full but if you wish to join, please contact Ann in order to add your name to the list.

We have just finished reading The killing of Sister George by Frank Marcus and will be tackling Willy Russell’s Breezeblock Park next.  We are also hoping to read plays by Harold Pinter, Sean O’Casey, Alan Bennett,  J.B. Priestley,  Terrence Rattigan and Tom Stoppard in the future, but this depends on availability.

We are very grateful to Angela and her staff at Winton Library for their help in getting the plays we ask for.

Please contact Ann for further information.