Family History 2020

Family History Programme 2020
Date Topic Speaker
08 January Military ancestors
12 February Newspapers and family history
11 March DNA in family research Hilary Hartigen (guest speaker)
08 April A house through time
13 May Female convicts in Tasmania Kath Graham (guest speaker)
10 June Crime and punishment
08 July TBA
12 August Workshop session
09 September One Name Study Debra Charnley
14 October 2021 census
11 November Graves, gravestones and memorials
09 December Workshop / evaluation / review / and quiz
Family History Programme 2019
Date Topic Speaker
08 January Storing your family tree David
13 February The Preston Guild Rolls Debra
13 March Surnames and how they change Sylvia
10 April Dating old photographs Stephen Gill (visiting speaker)
08 May Looking at censuses
12 June To be arranged
10 July By the Way David
14 August Dead men tell no tales Debra
11 September Evacuees Frances
09 October Unusual occupations Sylvia
13 November Wills and probate
11 December To be arranged