Basic Personal Computer Skills Group

Convenor: Steve Webb, 01925 723432 – email: computer

Venue and Time: Sessions are held at Eccles Gateway. The courses are being repeated fortnightly this Autumn, from Thursday 5th October until Thursday 14th December 2017 and from 10 am to noon.

Because the course is “hands on” we have had to limit the number of attendees to no more than 10.  By “hands on” we mean that everyone tries out what they have learned with a tutor on hand to help with any problems.  We expect people to bring their own laptops, when they have them, but we do provide one or two spare laptops for those who have only a desktop computer.

We refer to Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) but there are several other compatible office applications that can be downloaded and installed for free, such as OpenOffice, so there is no need to break the bank to join the course!

Proposed Schedule

Session 1         Bits and Pieces: What the bits are called, what they do, getting an email address and connecting it all together without breaking something!

Session 2         Seek and Ye Will Find:  Using search engines to find stuff easily. NB Please register with Salford’s free WiFi service for this session. Go to and log in.

Session 3         What is Your Best Side? Using photo editing to enhance your pictures. We have previously used Picasa, a free photo editing program from Google. Google have moved on to a new application called Google Photos, but you  can still download the most recent version of Picasa at

Session 4         Get Your Point Across: Word processing and formatting. If you have a version of Microsoft Office already, you will have Word. Otherwise, there are  several free or very low cost Office compatible products. You can also subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 for around £6/month or £60 per year.

Session 5         Making it All Add Up: Spreadsheets and how to get the best from them.  Spread sheets can do a lot more than just add up lots of numbers. We’ll be looking at some of these. As above, you will need Microsoft Office or a compatible product.

Session 6         How Can I Help? An open workshop session for you to ask about specific hardware and software problems that you have encountered. I won’t have all the answers but I may know where to find them.

You will need a laptop, if you don’t have a laptop, we have one or two spare PCs for you to use during the sessions. Please let us know if you will need a laptop PC. We will have a limit of about 10 people per session. The course is intended to build upon each session but we know that external factors may prevent you from getting to every session. In this instance we would very much appreciate it if you can call the convener before the session, so we know that your absence is temporary and not permanent.   If you feel that only one or two of the sessions is for you, let us know and if there is a vacancy in that session we will let you know. As with all U3A sessions in Salford Gateways, there will be a £1 charge per person per session towards the room cost.

If you are interested please give Steve Webb a ring on 01925 723432 or email: