2017 Photography Programme

Photography Programme 2017 – Walkden Gateway
Date Times Room No Activity
18 January 11.00-13.00 3 Viewing Christmas Market, Christmas and winter  scenes
15 February 11.00-13.00 3 Black & White photography vs colour, some experiments. Plus photos to paintings
15 March 11.00-13.00 3 Lenses and filters plus members recent photos
19 April 11.00-13.00 3 Photo shot round Worsley
Thursday 18 May 10.48h train Visit to Bradford Media museum BBC photo exhibition and archives. Train from Mcr Victoria stn. Note change of day, Thursday and 10.48h train.
21 June 11.00-13.00 3 Viewing Worsley photo shoot and discussion.
19 July 11.00-13.00 3 Summer ‘out and about’ photos, plus attempts at moving objects
16 August 11.00-13.00 No meeting – holiday
20 September 11.00-13.00 3 Flowers in close-up and moving subjects with different shutter speeds
18 October 11.00-13.00 3 Pitfalls in photography, some examples!
15 November 11.00-13.00 3 Wedding photography and general discussion
20 December  11.30h Meet in Lowry foyer with cameras and will lunch together afterwards



Photography Programme 2016 – Walkden Gateway
Date Times Room No Activity
20 January 11.00-13.00 1 Viewing Christmas Market, Christmas and winter  scenes
17 February 11.00-13.00 1 Camera settings and photo viewing. Bring your cameras along!
16 March 11.00-13.00 1 Project:  ‘Doors and Windows’ plus camera settings again, bring camera.
 20 April 11.00-13.00 1 More on camera and computer settings plus Jim on HDR photography
18 May 11.00-13.00 1 Visit to Bradford Media museum, (details in email to group members)
15 June 11.00-13.00 1 Blackleach Country Park photo shoot, meet at car park, 11am
20 July No meeting due to holidays etc
17 August 11.00-13.00 1 Viewing and discussing Blackleach photos and camera settings
21 September 11.00-13.00 1 More photo viewing plus some Photoshop simple demos
19 October 11.00-13.00 3 Autumn photo theme
16 November 11.00-13.00 meeting room 2 downstairs Autumn colours & Reflections
14 December  11.00h Meet at 11am in St Anne’s Sq, outside Royal Exchange, for Xmas photo shoot and lunch


Photography Programme 2015 – Walkden Gateway
Date Times Room No Activity
14 January 11.00-13.00 1  Viewing Christmas/Winter scenes
4 February 11.00-13.00 1 Discussion on photo-editing and future programmes. Oz photos and others.
18 March 11.00-13.00 1 Photoshop elements, Picassa and others. ?New Zealand photos
 15 April 11.00-13.00 Manchester Northern Quarter photo shoot.  Details to follow
20 May 11.00-13.00 1 Viewing photo shoot and discussion
17 June 11.00-13.00 1 Water and reflections
15 July 11.00-13.00 1 Flowers/plants and trees.  Bring photos to discuss composition and camera settings
19 August 11.00-13.00 Outdoor photo shoot around Salford Quays. Please meet at usual time outside Lowry centre with cameras fully charged and SD cards with free space!
16 September 11.00-13.00 1 Viewing and discussing Salford Quays photo shoot
21 October 11.00-13.00 1 Photo editing discussion and practice.  If possible please bring laptop and photos to edit.
18 November 11.00-13.00 1 More photo editing discussion and practice. Plus ‘autumnal photos to share.
16 December Christmas market and Christmas lunch in town. Meet 11am outside Royal Exchange in St Ann’s Sq.

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