Family History – this Group is no longer active


This group is no longer active and the web page will be removed shortly.


Venue and Time: We meet at Eccles Gateway every first Tuesday in the month at 10am.  But please note, there will be no July meeting.

This is a very popular group and members have varying degrees of experience.

Wireless internet is available and the group accesses many of the Family History database sites and Census returns, also Births, Marriages and Death sites are used to trace a member’s ancestry.

At the meetings, each member of the group relates to other members how their research has got on since the last meeting. This varies greatly, but we find that by airing our difficulties, other members could say how they had dealt with the same problems. Working on the theory that ‘two (or more) heads were better than one’, it works very well as most of us have encountered similar hold ups in our research.

There were some exceptional successes, Don Lingard had been able to go back a very long way. His family had stayed in the Eccles/Pendleton area for many generations, and many of his ancestors were mentioned in St Mary’s Eccles Parish Church. In fact the name ‘Lingard’ is on the first page of St Mary’s church register, he says he has no proof that it is his family, but we all feel that in all probability that it is.

If it is your desire to delve back into the history of your ancestors then you may wish to join this vibrant group.